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Translational Research

Translational research specifically aims at taking discoveries and best practices to benefit the lives of people in our communities. The Office of Translational and Applied Research (OTAR) at The Ohio State University Medical Center accepts Translational Research as having four different but interrelated components (T1-T4):
Phase 1 translation (T1) research seeks to move a basic discovery into a candidate health application.
Phase 2 translation (T2) research assesses the value of T1 application for health practice leading to the development of evidence-based guidelines.
Phase 3 translation (T3) research attempts to move evidence-based guidelines into health practice, through delivery, dissemination, and diffusion research.
Phase 4 translation (T4) research seeks to evaluate the "real world" health outcomes of a T1 application in practice.
The phases described above are expected to overlap and provide feedback loops to allow integration of new knowledge.
Ohio State's Medical Center is committed to increasing discoveries in Translational Research in these areas:

Center for Clinical and Translational Science
Office of Translational and Applied Research
Center for Personalized Health Care
Ohio State's Comprehensive Cancer Center
Ohio State's Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute