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 During Your Stay

At The Ohio State University Medical Center's Dodd Hall Inpatient Rehabilitation, we're committed to providing you with the highest quality care and service during your stay. These resources will help ensure you have information you may need while you are in our hospital:

Important Phone Numbers

Team Leader for Brain Injury services 614-293-8618
Team Leader for Stroke services 614-293-8618
Team Leader for Spinal Cord Injury services 614-293-9883
Team Leader for General Rehab and Orthopaedic services 614-293-9883
Customer Service Department 614-293-8944
Director of Rehabilitation Services 614-293-9048
Director of Rehabilitation Nursing 614-293-4734
Nurse Manager, Dodd 3 614-293-3841
Nurse Manager, Dodd 4 614-293-3032
Charge Nurse, Dodd 3 614-293-6418
Charge Nurse, Dodd 4 614-293-6419
Nursing Station, Dodd 3 614-293-3851
Nursing Station, Dodd 4 614-293-3852
Medical Director 614-293-3433


All patients at Dodd Hall are asked to sign in and sign out when leaving and returning to the unit. Nursing staff may use an electronic security system for patients at risk of wandering. Remote surveillance cameras are located at the front and rear entrances of the building and the Ernest W. Johnson Park. Doors are locked after visiting hours by security staff. For the safety of our patients, any visitor creating a disturbance or violating Medical Center policy will be escorted from the building.

How to Handle a Complaint or Ethical Violation

Treating patients with respect, dignity, compassion and quality care are part of the Dodd Hall tradition. Your satisfaction is important to us. If you have any concerns or complaints while at Dodd Hall we ask that you please follow the steps listed below so that we can respond promptly and appropriately. Please feel free to contact the Customer Services Department at 614-293-8944.

Step 1
If your concern relates to nursing care, talk to the Charge Nurse on your unit. You will receive a response within eight hours.

If your concern relates to therapy services, talk to the Lead Therapist on your service. You will receive a response within eight hours.

Step 2
If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction:
      For nursing concerns – talk to the nurse manager on your unit
      For therapy concerns – talk to the team leader on your service
You will receive a verbal response to your concerns with 24 hours.

Step 3
If further assistance or clarification is needed, contact the director of rehabilitation services (614-293-9048) or the director of rehabilitation nursing (614-293-4734). A written and verbal response will be provided within 48 hours.

Guardianship and Advocacy

The Ohio State University Medical Center's Department of Social Work provides assistance to patients and families who have special needs for protective services such as guardianship, patient advocacy, legal services, conservatorship and child or adult protective services. Social workers and team leaders can link patients to community resources, disability awareness activities and support groups.

Additionally, whenever there is an unresolved concern about patient abuse, neglect or patients' property in the facility, the Department of Social Work can provide information regarding the patient's rights to file a complaint with state survey and certification agencies.

Contact Us:
Department of Social Work
Hours: (M-F) 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)

The ADA was established by Congress to ensure that individuals with disabilities are treated without discrimination. Issues addressed include public housing and barriers to accessibility. The social worker assigned to your team can provide specific information about your rights under the law.

For Additional Information

Visit Ohio State Medical Center's Patient & Visitor Information – includes visiting hours, lodging, retail and support services ​

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