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Clinical Pastoral Education Residency Program


August 24, 2015 – August 19, 2016

Program Information

This year-long, full-time, three-CPE unit Residency Program is offered for clergy, qualified lay persons and others interested in specialized training in pastoral care and preparation for professional chaplaincy. Residency applicants should note that the successful completion of a prior Level I CPE unit is a prerequisite for applying to the Residency Program. Residents are assigned to provide pastoral care to designated clinical units; these are typically kept throughout the year. Residents also have the opportunity to learn about more acute or specialized clinical areas through choosing an additional clinical/learning module in Unit Three. Each resident should expect to be on call (in-house) approximately six to seven shifts per month (each 12 or 16 hours), and cover holidays in rotation. Given the full-time commitment needed, it is not possible to be employed or take outside classes during the year.

Stipend and Benefits

Resident Chaplains receive a stipend of $30,500. Benefits include: the opportunity to participate in Ohio State healthcare benefits; sick time as accrued; participation in Ohio State retirement programs; department-paid parking costs; 10 days of vacation time and two denominational meeting days; compensatory time off for on-call shifts, per department policy; if ordained, designation of a portion of the stipend as clergy housing allowance; and full tuition scholarship.

Residency Program Prerequisites and Requirements

Satisfactory completion of one previous Level I unit of CPE required; graduate theological education (a Master of Divinity degree or graduate theological degree from an accredited theological seminary or its equivalent is preferred); and a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree.

Application Instructions

All individuals applying to our CPE Programs should use the ACPE application form found at the ACPE website: http://s531162813.onlinehome.us/forms​. Applicants should make sure to answer all questions thoroughly and completely and attach appropriate supporting documents. All applications require a non-refundable $25.00 application fee (make checks payable to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Dept. of Chaplaincy and CPE); applications can be mailed or emailed to Hanci Newberry (see below). Residency applications may be submitted beginning November 15. All applications are reviewed, although given the volume of applications, not all applicants are interviewed. Interviews are scheduled beginning in January and continue through the winter until the five positions are filled.

Submission of Completed Applications or Questions

Direct questions about the Residency, or completed Residency Program applications to:
Hanci Newberry, Director, Chaplaincy and CPE – Hanci.newberry@osumc.edu​; 614-293-4529.
Mail to: Department of Chaplaincy and CPE, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, 410 W. 10th Ave., S-594 Rhodes Hall, Columbus, Ohio 43210.