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Welcome to nursing at The Ohio State University Hospital. As the only academic medical center in central Ohio, the nurses here have access to state-of-the-art technology, excellent continuing education programs and some of the latest medical innovations available.

The nurses at University Hospital are dedicated to excellent patient care and customer service. Their enthusiasm can be witnessed in their interactions with each other as well as patients and visitors. We believe in our mission and are committed to patient-focused care, the recognition of best nursing practices and the environmental attributes essential to support our professional practice of nursing. This can be seen in our Professional Practice Model.

To further confirm our commitment to nursing excellence, University Hospital has been designated a Magnet hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Out of nearly 5,000 hospitals in the U.S., only 140 are Magnet organizations. And we're the first in central Ohio.

Magnet status, which acknowledges the highest quality of patient care and standards, confirms our reputation as a first class hospital and enables us to attract and retain the highest caliber nursing staff.

Some nurses choose to have a career at Ohio State because they are excited by the prospect of working with renowned peers, researchers and clinicians. Others are drawn by the prestige associated with practicing within an academic medical center that enjoys an international reputation. Because of Ohio State's geographical reach, we tend to attract nurses and other healthcare professionals from around the world, which provides our employees with exposure to many different cultures.

University Hospital nurses are among the best and the Division of Nursing is noted for many outstanding achievements. Get connected today and see all of the career opportunities that await you.

Mary Nash, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACHE
Chief Nurse Executive, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Caring/Respect/Excellence/Service/TeamworkPatient/Family/CommunityPatient Care/Education/ResearchAutonomy/Diversity/Technology/Safety/Quality

Professional Practice Model

Nurses in University Hospital's Division of Nursing designed our Professional Practice Model. This model includes our nursing image, our philosophy about research, education and patient care, and encompasses the environmental attributes that support the professional practice of nursing. The model also includes professional development opportunities in the nurse intern, mentoring and clinical ladder programs that are needed to continually improve our nursing practice.

The philosophical statement and image below represents the beliefs and values of our nursing division's professional practice model.

Patient Care/Education/Research

The center and first domain of the professional practice model for nursing reflects the mission of University Hospital. The overlapping and interlocking nature of these circles represents the interdependence of this three-part mission. The optimal outcome occurs when these are fully integrated and demonstrated in the care of our patients, their family and our community.

  • Patient Care focuses on our clinical practice and coordination of care.
  • Education embodies nursing's commitment to patient, family and student education, mentoring, professional development, and advancement.
  • Research focuses on the advancement of the profession with new knowledge and the use of evidence to guide and support our practice.

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The second domain of the model represents the patient-focused care of our professional practice.

  • We establish caring, professional relationships with our patients and families.
  • We respect the unique attributes of our patients and families.
  • We advocate for quality care that is sensitive to physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural needs.
  • We promote continuity of care to meet changing patient needs.
  • We extend our practice to the community to address the healthcare needs of patients and groups.

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The model's third domain relfects our values, which represent the fundamentals of nursing practice at University Hospital.

  • Integrity demonstrates nursing’s ethical commitment to provide compassionate care and recognize the worth and privacy of each individual.
  • Teamwork reflects nursing’s ideals of interdisciplinary collaboration and cooperation with our patients/families to promote optimal outcomes.
  • Innovation drives the application of emerging healthcare trends to meet the unique needs of patients and families. 
  • Excellence embodies our drive to perfect our competencies and enhance the quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness of our care.
  • Leadership is demonstrated through nursing’s commitment to the establishment of a culture of supportive collegial relationships which nurture our professional development.

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The fourth domain in the model demonstrates the environmental attributes that support the professional practice of nursing as essential and integral to patient care at University Hospital.

  • The professional environment is dedicated to the empowerment of nurses. 
  • Nursing fosters autonomy and embraces the diversity of persons and opinions.
  • The environment promotes the nurse's role through the use of pioneering technologies, implementation of safety standards, and participation in quality improvement initiatives.

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