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Birth Control Shot

The birth control shot or injection is called Depo-Provera®. Each shot provides birth control for three months. The shot is given in your arm or buttock every 12 weeks by a nurse.

Advantages of Shots:

  • Safe, highly effective and lasts for 3 months.
  • Private. No one knows you are using the birth control shot. You do not have to do anything before, during or after sex.
  • Makes periods lighter and less painful.
  • Can be used by nursing mothers and can be given right after childbirth.
  • Protects against some cancers.

Disadvantages of Shots:

  • Can take one year to get pregnant after you stop using the shot.
  • Can cause irregular bleeding and spotting, but this often goes away the longer you use the shot. Some women will stop having a monthly period and this is safe.
  • Some women have weight gain when they use the shot.
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