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Birth Control Implant

The Implanon® birth control implant is a plastic rod, about the size of a match stick, placed under the skin in your arm by your doctor. The implant contains a hormone that prevents pregnancy.

Advantages of Implant:

  • Protects for three years.
  • Very effective. Each year, only one out of 100 women using a birth control implant  will become pregnant
  • Easy to use. After the implant has been placed by your doctor, there is nothing for you to remember. You do not need to take anything each day or do anything before, during or after sex.
  • Safe for most women, including nursing mothers.
  • Very private. No one knows you are using a birth control implant. You will be able to feel the implant through the skin on your arm.
  • Easily removed. After your doctor removes the implant, you can try to get pregnant right away.

Disadvantages of Implant:

  • Your doctor has to insert the implant in the office. Your arm will be numbed with medicine before the implant is placed. Most women feel mild discomfort when the numbing medicine is given and no pain when the implant is placed. Your arm will feel bruised for about one week after placement.
  • Can cause your periods to be irregular. It can cause more bleeding, less bleeding or no bleeding.
  • Does not protect against STIs.

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