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Pancreas Transplant

Pancreas transplantation offers hope for people with Type 1 diabetes, a disorder that causes the pancreas to stop producing enough insulin. There is evidence that transplantation can halt the progression of, and in some instances, prevent the onset of certain long-term diabetic complications.

Pancreas Transplant Referral
Referring physicians, insurance case managers and other transplant centers can make a referral for a patient to be evaluated for transplant appropriateness at Ohio State’s Medical Center. Learn more about other steps in the referral process

Who Can Be A Candidate
Experience indicates that individuals who have both diabetes and end-stage kidney disease may be best served by combined pancreas/kidney transplantation. Under these circumstances, the diabetic in need receives both a pancreas and a kidney from a single deceased donor. The transplant candidate may obtain a combined pancreas/kidney transplant prior to the need for dialysis. Please see our Kidney/Pancreas Transplant section for more information.

In some circumstances, Type I diabetics who do not have kidney disease may be eligible for a pancreas transplant without a kidney transplant. These candidates are individuals who frequently experience life-threatening hypoglycemic episodes and who have a great deal of difficulty regulating their blood sugars over a long period of time.

Why Candidates Can Be Ruled Out
Screenings before transplant ensure that you are in good medical and psychological health and that you have the motivation and support to comply with treatment plans. All patients must meet the chemical dependency requirements of the State of Ohio Solid Organ Transplant Consortium. People who generally are not candidates include those with metastatic cancer, active infection or severe medical problems.

Candidates for pancreas transplantation or pancreas/kidney transplantation must show that they are able and willing to be involved in their own care. A great deal of the transplant’s success depends on the patient’s ability to take medications as instructed and to follow the recommendations of the transplant surgeons and nurses. Please see more in our Patient Journey section.

The Gift of Life
A replacement pancreas comes from a deceased donor. If you wish to receive a pancreas transplant and the Comprehensive Transplant Center team determines that you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure, you will be placed on a waiting list until a compatible organ becomes available. The CTC partners with the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), Ohio Solid Organ Consortium and Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement to find donors for patients.

Please take a look at the following links to learn more about pancreas transplantation and the patient experience at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center:

Current Patients:
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For more information about pancreas transplantation, please call or write:

Abdominal Transplant Office
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