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Treatment Team

Our treatment team at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Transplant Center is a unique gathering of professionals who are leaders in their fields, all specialized in transplant medicine. Our team surrounds the patient to create a unique, patient-centered model of care available at few other centers around the world.

We will help manage your care before, during and after your transplant. Your transplant care team includes:

This doctor who specializes in transplants will follow you before and after your transplant. He or she will complete a physician exam and discuss with you what additional tests are needed for you to receive a transplant.

Amy Pope-Harman, MD 
Don Hayes, Jr., MD, MS
Stephen Kirkby, MD

Transplant Surgeon: This doctor will perform your lung transplant surgery and help take care of you after the transplant. He or she will discuss the operation and responsibilities after transplant.

Robert Higgins, MD, MSHA
Ahmet Kilic, MD
Peter Lee, MD, MPH, MS, FAsMA​
Bryan Whitson, MD, PhD

Infectious Disease: This doctor who specializes in infectious diseases will follow you before and after your transplant to reduce risk of infection.

Stanley Martin, MD 
Nicole Theodoropoulos, MD​

Transplant Coordinator: The nurse who will be your primary contact before and after your transplant, and will help answer any questions you may have from the time you walk in to the Medical Center through your recovery and continued care.

Staci Carter, RN, BSN
Susan Montgomery, RN, BSN
Phone: 614-293-5822 or 866-204-3411
Fax: 614-293-9820

in and Palliative Care Specialist: This doctor, trained in pain and symptom management, is skilled in guiding patients and families through management of expectations and planning for the future during times of uncertainty and great stress. This specialist will meet with you and  your family before and after transplant.

Ellin Gafford, MD​

Advanced Practice Nurse: The advanced practice nurse holds an advanced degree in nursing. He/she works closely in collaboration with your physician to help ensure continuity of care throughout your admission in the hospital and facilitates transition to outpatient care. He/she participates in your plan of care by ordering and monitoring diagnostic tests and treatments. He/she can respond to urgent needs, and diagnose and treat problems if they arise. At the end of your hospital stay, the advanced practice nurse assists you by providing educational tools and resources necessary to continue success with your transplant once you are discharged.

Jody Knisley, MS, RN, CCRN, CNP: 614-293-5822

Pharmacy Patient Assistance Coordinator:
  The Medication Assistance Program offers assessment, linkage and referrals for assistance to patients who need certain medications and have a high co-pays or no prescription drug coverage. Types of assistance include Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs, Co-pay Assistance Foundations and charitable organizations. It is very important for patients to contact the post-transplant offices as soon as you or your caregivers are aware that there will be medication coverage issues.

Stacy Morton: 614-366-2717

Managed Care Counselor:
A financial counselor who will review your insurance benefits prior to the evaluation and transplant processes and assist you and your family with insurance questions or concerns. 

Clinic PCA/Office Assistant: This staff member brings patients to their rooms, gathers vital signs and performs other patient care duties in addition to scheduling and other clerical responsibilities.

Tina DeVoe: 614-293-5822

Social Worker: This healthcare professional meets with you to evaluate your readiness for transplantation.

Shawn Spence, MSW, LISW: 614-293-5822