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Helpful Sleep Hints

Woman SleepingHelpful Hints About Getting a Good Night's Sleep

How can you tell if you have a sleep disorder or if you simply need some strategies to get a better night’s sleep?

A good starting point is taking the Sleep Quiz. Results of the quiz will help you know if you need to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. You might also want to begin tracking your sleep habits with our Sleep Diary.

Additional tips on “sleep hygiene" include: 

What You Can Do to Sleep Better

Getting to Sleep (Cognitive Focusing)

Stress Taming CDs
Just as stress is a learned response, so too is the induction of the relaxation response. Staying centered and balanced is not just under the purview of yogis, but is our rightful heritage and the legacy for our children if we so choose to share it with them. In this CD, Lisa Borelli brings her substantial expertise to bear on helping us develop this skill set.

Written and narrated by
Lisa M. Borelli, LISW

Edited by Susan Wagner, DVM, MS

Download the tracks to this CD:

Track 1: Stress Taming
Track 2: Guided Imagery Breath Focus
© Lisa M. Borelli 2005


This CD is provided to you by
The University Faculty/Staff Assistance ProgramGetting to Sleep (Cognitive Focusing)

The board-certified sleep medicine experts at Ohio State's Sleep Disorders Center can personalize a treatment plan for any sleep disorder. Call 614-257-2500.