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About Our Center

Established in 1982, the OSU Multiple Sclerosis Center is committed to caring for and improving the Well-being of patients and families living with Multiple Sclerosis. We care for over 4000 MS patients throughout the Midwestern United States, as well as patients that seek care from the rest of the country and abroad. We are proud to offer cutting edge, comprehensive clinical care with multidisciplinary support form physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work, wheelchair and seating clinics, Urology, Neuroophthalmology, Neuropsychology, Neuroradiology, Physical Medicine & Rehab and a wide range of other subspecialists across The Ohio State University Medical Center.

Our staff include four fellowship trained Neuro-Immunologists and two MS certified Nurse Practitioners. Our center includes an onsite 10 bed infusion suite staffed with 3 registered RNs. We provide consultative services and long-term management for all forms of Multiple Sclerosis, Neuromyelitis Optica and NMO Spectrum Disorders, Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, Transverse Myelitis, CNS Vasculitis, Neurosarcoidosis, and other CNS inflammatory Conditions. We provide an array of disease modifying therapies including monoclonal antibodies and chemotherapeutic agents. We also offer expertise and guidance in managing the spectrum of MS symptomatic therapies through individualized patient care.

Our spasticity program offers state of the art treatment for severe spasticity from MS and other neurologic conditions with expertise in Intrathecal Baclofen and Botulinum Toxin therapies. Our Clinical Trials program includes 3 dedicated full time MS Research Coordinators and we collaborate with several basic science and psychology laboratories on the OSU campus.

Education about MS has no physical boundaries. Our website provides resources about MS patient care, education and research we provide at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Ohio State developed the first Multiple Sclerosis Center in Ohio, one of the largest programs for MS care in the country. Schedule an appointment with Ohio State's multiple sclerosis experts. Call 614-293-4969.