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What is the STAR Program?

OSU Harding Behavioral Health: Stress, Trauma and Resilience

The STAR Program improves lives by developing and delivering trauma-informed clinical services and educational programs to help those suffering the ravages of trauma and related mental illness.

Centered on the Medical Center’s values of compassion and empathy, the program also contributes new knowledge on stress and resilience gained through cutting-edge research.

It is estimated that nearly 90 percent of Americans are exposed to a traumatic event sometime in their lives. This includes abuse or violence, a disaster, a medical condition, or a sudden and profound loss.

The STAR Program recognizes the importance of addressing experiences of trauma both prior to and as a result of injury or illness, utilizing evidence-based trauma-informed practices and approaches to care.

For more information, contact:

Holly S. Kastan, MSW, LSW
Director, Planning, Development, and Outreach
The OSU STAR Program