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Special Announcement: Call for Poster Abstract Submissions due Sept. 6

Center for Integrative Health & Wellness is calling for abstracts for a poster session. The winner will be announced during the 2013 Personalized Health Care Conference, “Delivering Medicine that Matters” conference October 2-3, 2013, at OSU. Work submitted should align with CIHW’s mission and convey transformational and translational research. Work should demonstrate direct human impact and, where possible, emphasize collaboration across the University. Submitted abstracts may highlight therapies including: massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, music therapy, stress/stress management or mind-body skills. The 250 word abstract is due Friday, Sept. 6 to Jennifer.Long@osumc.edu. View submission form. View form in PDF format.
Research provides the foundation for advancing evidence-based integrative health care. The Ohio State University is among the nation’s leaders of integrative health and wellness research.

Examples of our leadership role in integrative health and wellness research include:

Statistics from the Ohio State University Office of Research

According to the Ohio State University Office of Research:
  • Total amount of extramural funding in 2012:
    $64,126,986 — From 76 different funding sources, and 109 unique principal investigators for 188 projects

  • Number of departments/institutes (tenure initiating units) at Ohio State with funding for research related to integrative health and wellness:
    Forty — The most productive were: Internal Medicine; Human Nutrition; Dentistry; Psychiatry; Surgery; Food Science and Technology; Comprehensive Cancer Center College of Nursing; Veterinary Biosciences, Clinical Sciences, and Preventive Medicine. (Integrative Health and Wellness is a University-wide success!)

  • The most common topics of research investigation are:
    Diet, nutrition, dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, probiotics, herbs); stress and stress reduction; exercise; lifestyle (combinations of nutrition, exercise, and stress management); and meditation/yoga

  • Ohio State University has two additional Centers/Institutes conducting related research in integrative health and wellness topics:
  • In 2013, we plan to seek a nationally known researcher to serve as the CIHW Associate Director for Research. This position will bring researchers together and foster future interdisciplinary translational research through new programs, including:
      o Pilot research funding (seed money) leading to larger, definitive projects
      o Research awards, recognizing and celebrating excellence that will quickly translate into improved
         clinical care
  • Download the Research Membership application to the Center. Please note that you must currently be Ohio State University faculty, staff and/or trainee to be eligible for membership.

    Below is a list of Ohio State investigators and integrative health and wellness related research projects. Please contact us if you would like your research project added to the list.

PI Research
Abraham, William Tober A CHF trial investigating outcomes of exercise training
ACTION - A CHF trial investigating outcomes of exercise
Agarwal, Anil Kumar Efficacy and safety of an oral calcimimetic agent when two different vitamin D regimens are used in subjects with secondary hyperparathyroidism of end stage kidney disease
Agarwal, Sudha​ Exercise driven molecular mechanisms of joint repair
Ainslie, Kristy Marie Encapsulated active vitamin D vaccine for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Bailey, Michael T Impact of social stress on TLR4-induced microbicidal activity of CD11b+ cells
Role of stress-induced reduction in Lactobacillus reuteri on colonic inflammation
Basso, D Michele Sparing and exercise training promote recovery in SCI
Bauldoff, Gerene Sue Effect of pulmonary rehabilitation exercise on biobehavioral outcomes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Belury, Martha Bioavailability and activity of dietary naringenin as a chemopreventive agent
Fermented soy product isoflavone composition and role in gene responses in C57Bl/6 mice
Inhibition of muscle atrophy by dietary conjugated linoleic acid
Role of fermented soy product in adiposity and insulin sensitivity in Zucker fatty rats
Bertone, Alicia Louise Effects of intra-articular corticosteroids and exercise in biomarkers of bone metabolism in thoroughbred horses
Best, Thomas M
Massage therapy in eccentric exercise induced muscle weakness and inflammation
Massage therapy in eccentric exercise induced muscle weakness and inflammation
The role of calcium in exercise induced muscle adaptation
Billman, George Edward Dietary omega-3 fatty acids and sudden cardiac death
Effect of daily exercise on cardiac autonomic regulation
Birmingham, Daniel Joseph Serum levels of vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, and parathyroid hormone in the 4 months preceding SLE flare: Is a declining vitamin D level a risk factor for SLE flare?​
Chen, Tong
Chemoprevention of esophageal cancer with freeze-dried grapes: A clinical investigation in China
Combinational approaches to the chemoprevention of esophageal cancer
Chemoprevention of Azoxymethane and Dextran Sodium Sulfate - Induced Colitis - Related Colon Carcinogenesis in Mice by Strawberries?
Combinational approaches to the chemoprevention of esophageal cancer
Evaluation of the chemopreventive effects of strawberries on esophageal cancer development
Christian, Lisa Michelle (ARRA) Physiological reactivity to acute stress during pregnancy
Stress, race, and immune adaptation across pregnancy: predictors of preterm birth
Clinton, Steven K. A prospective study of diet and prostate cancer; project one
A prospective study of diet and prostate cancer; project three
Calcium and vitamin D interactions in prostate carcinogenesis
Phase II chemoprevention trial of selenium and prostate cancer
SWOG (Southwest Oncology Group) selenium and vitamin E cancer prevention trial - SELECT
Tomatoes, lycopene and prostate carcinogenesis in mice
Tomato-soy juice for prostate cancer
Vitamin D status and prostate cancer
Coleman, Robert S Asymmetric synthesis of cytotoxic natural products
Dabrowski, Konrad Determine levels of vitamins C and E in fish from a contaminated site as part of a suite of biomarkers
Dhabhar, Firdaus S Stress & UV-induced squamous cell carcinoma
Disilvestro, Robert Arnold
Comparison of Zone Diet, plus or minus fish oil, to AHA Step One Diet
Evaluation of a novel exercise performance product
Evaluation of four specific dietary agents for enhancement of exercise performance in young adult woman
Mineral-LYCO-O-MATO combined impact on prostate health
Oat fiber effects on exercise recovery
Olive polyphenol effects on oxidant stress and other cardiovascular disease-relevant measurements
Soy saponins as a product for major cholesterol lowering in humans
Whey plus exercise for restriction of sarcopenia
Duncan, F Jason - Student Black raspberry extracts in the inhibition of post-transplant skin cancer
Emery, Charles Fiske Exercise, stress, and wound healing among older adults
Responsivity of homocysteine to behavioral stress
Ertin, Emre Field-deployable tools for quantifying exposures to psychosocial stress and to addictive substances for studies of health and disease
Everts, Helen Breitmaier The role of dietary vitamin A in Alopecia Areata disease progression
Failla, Mark L Bioavailability of dietary antioxidants
Bioavailability of dietary pigment
Comparison of the relative bioavailability of provitamin A carotinoids using in vitro screening and the Mongolian gerbil
Dietary lipids as primary modulators of carotenoid bioavailability from vegetables
In vitro bioaccessibility of provitamin A carotenoids in yam
Retention and bioaccessibility of provitamin A carotenoids in biofortified cassava
Focht, Brian Carl Feasibility of an exercise and dietary intervention in men on prolonged ADT
Frankel, Wendy L Diet change among prostate cancer patients under expectant management
Fristad, Mary A Omega-3 fatty acids & psychoeducational psychotherapy for child bipolar NOS
Omega-3 fatty acids & psychoeducational psychotherapy for childhood depression
Giusti, M Monica Characterization of phytonutrients on cranberry extracts
Givens, Deborah Lynn Efficacy of therapeutic exercise for recurrent back pain
Glaser, M. Ronald Stress effects on virus protein induced inflammation and sickness behavior
Stress, the immune system and basal cell carcinoma
Godbout, Jonathan Philip Dietary intervention to prevent neuroinflammation and reverse neurobehavioral complications associated with an early life infection
Hai, Tsonwin A mouse model for genetic tracing to study stress responses
ATF3 mediates gene expression homeostasis in response to stress
ATF3, a stress-inducible gene, in tumorigenesis and metastasis
Beta cell transcriptional network in stress response
Novel transgenic mice for tracing and electrophysiology of stressed neurons
Harrison, Earl Howard Cleavage products of dietary carotenoids: Occurrence & nutritional function
Dietary carotenoids - lipoprotein/cell interactions
Hydrolysis of vitamin A esters in liver
He, Guanglong Western diet-induced obesity and dysfunctional cardiac mitochondrial oxygen metabolism
Hertzler, Steven Ronald Determination of the glycemic and insulinemic responses to raisins and the application of raisins as a pre-exercise snack for persons with impaired glucose tolerance
Hogan, Joseph Scott Ca & P restriction period and vitamin D3
Holpuch, Andrew Stephen Chemopreventive effects of black raspberries and fenretinide in oral mucosa
Hopkins, Denise Motherhood, stress and role strain in jr. enlisted women.
Ibba, Mette P. Dietary modulation of autophagy in breast cancer
Jacob, Samson T Molecular mechanism of diet induced carcinogenesis
Jakeman, Lyn B Effect of chondroitinase and exercise on recovery from spinal cord injury
Jiang, Xueting Dietary oxidized lipids and intestinal ApoA1 synthesis
Jin, Victor X Mechanisms of tumor suppressor gene reactivation in colon cancer by berries
Katz, Steven Edward A multi-center double-blind randomized, placebo-controlled study of weight-reduction and/or low sodium diet plus Acetazolamide vs. diet plus placebo in subjects with idiopathic intracranial hypertension with mild vision loss
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice Kay Aging, stress, fatty acids and inflammation
Breast Cancer Survivors: physical activity, inflammation, fatigue and distress
Depression, stress, aging, and proinflammatory cytokines
Psychoneuroimmunology and mind-body interventions
Psychoneuroimmunology and mind-body medicine
Stress and Proinflammatory Cytokines: An Omega-3 Intervention
Stress, mood, omega-3 fatty acids, and telomeric aging: Randomized controlled trial
Aging, stress, fatty acids and inflammation
Kloos, Anne Dillman The effect of video game biofeedback modulated exercise (VIBE) on dynamic balance and gait in individuals with Huntington's Disease
Koletar, Susan Lynn Task order to provide patient remuneration for participation in ACTG A5280, a prospective, randomized pilot trial of high dose vitamin D and calcium for bone health in HIV-infected patients initiating HAART
Task order to enroll and follow patients under ACTG A5280: A prospective, randomized pilot trial of high dose vitamin D and calcium for bone health in HIV-infected individuals initiating HAART
Lee, Mo-Yee Treatment of trauma survivors: effects of meditation practice on clients' mental health outcomes
Lesinski, Gregory Soy as an intervention to limit chronic inflammation
The effects of soy almond bread on the immune system of prostate cancer patients
Lester, Joanne L A feasibility study to determine the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on urogenital atrophy
A randomized phase II screening trial to explore the effect of oral omega-3 fatty acids on atrophic vaginitis in postmenopausal breast cancer survivors
Effect of survivorship care planning on distress: A randomized control trial with leukemia and breast cancer survivors
Letson, Alan Douglas AREDS II: A multi-centered, randomized trial of Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Omega-3 fatty acids in age-related macular degeneration
Lin, Young Chin Development of cottonseed meal flour as dietary chemopreventive components for human breast cancer
Lindsey, David E A randomized, open-label, efficacy and safety study of octaplex and fresh frozen plasma (FFP) in patients under vitamin k antagonist therapy with the need for urgent surgery or invasive procedures
Liu, Zhongfa (ARRA) Reactivation of tumor suppressor genes in breast cancer by dietary supplements as DNA methylation modulators​​​
Malarkey, William Blair Chronic Inflammation and Mindfulness Intervention
Mallery, Susan Regina Chemoprevention of oral dysplasia by black raspberries
Effects of freeze dried black raspberries on gene expression in lesions of oral epithelial dysplasia
Evaluation of bioadhesive berry gels for oral cancer chemoprevention
Mucoadhesive patch delivery of fenretinide and berry anthocyanins for oral cancer chemoprevention
Mucoadhesive patch delivery of fenretinide and berry anthocyanins for oral cancer prevention
​Evaluation of locally-delivered fenretinide and black raspberries for oral cancer
Marketon, Jeanette I Stress hormone-mediated reactivation of latent Epstein-Barr virus
Mastronarde, John G Exercise as an anti-inflammatory therapy for asthma
Matkovic, Velimir Safety and efficacy of zoledronic acid in the treatment of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women taking calcium and vitamin D
McDaniel, Jodi C. Omega-3 fatty acids effect on wound healing
Testing fish oil-derivatives in healing of chronic venous leg ulcers
​Testing of fish oil-derivatives in wound healing
Mehta, Kamal D. Role of protein kinase Cbeta in diet-induced hypercholesterol mice
Melgar Quinonez, Hugo Ramiro F Production of orange fleshed sweet potato for use in a feeding trial to test efficacy in enhancing breastmilk and serum vitamin A of pregnant women in western Kenya
Melnyk, Bernadette COPE/healthy lifestyles for teens: A school-based RCT
Miller, Carla K (ARRA) Mindfulness-based approach to the treatment of obesity and diabetes
Evaluation of a lifestyle intervention for employees with prediabetes​
Min, David Byong Improvement in stability of Martek Omega-3 oils
Morrison, Mark Improved dietary fiber digestion in the large intestine through selection of
Musindi, Wanjiku
Impact of nutrition education and exercise program on gestational weight gain in obese pregnant women
Myers, Stephen Cothran Market analysis of natural products for targeted applications
Nelson, Randy J
Light interference and the stress response
Photoperiod, melatonin and sickness behaviors
Norris Turner, Abigail Longitudinal assessment of the effect of vitamin D on the vaginal microbiome
Vitamin D and the prevalence, incidence, and persistence of bacterial vaginosis
Oberyszyn, Tatiana Maria Importance of gender in the chemoprevention of UV induced skin cancer
Inhibition of UVB-induced inflammation and carcinogenesis by black raspberry extract
Stress and UV-induced squamous cell carcinoma
Onate, James Arthur A developmental study: Personalizing exercise prescription in the primary care setting
Osei, Kwame Effects of diet-induced weight loss on HDL functionality in dysglycemic African Americans and whites
Partridge, Mark Alternative measurements for determining distress in Appalachia
Assessing potential forward-looking distress indicators for the region
Paskett, Electra Diane Cross CPHHS Stress Project
Patterson, Emily S Investigating application of macrocognition metrics to training exercises
Pereira, Michael A.
Chemoprevention of tobacco-related cancer in animals
Rajagopalan, Sanjay Diet-environment interactions in inflammation
Ravlin, Forrest William Chemoprevention of GI tract cancers with berries
Dietary Intervention, OH
Dietary intervention-Ohio
Federal Administration grant for the dietary intervention: Chemoprevention of GI tract cancers with berries
Special research grant for dietary intervention, OH
Reader, Brenda Faye Social stress modulates neuropeptide Y in a model for periodontal inflammation
Rink, Cameron L The significance of vitamin E in stroke and 12-lipoxygenase
Therapeutic properties of a proprietary, natural herbal extract NM101109
Rodrigues, Michelle Amanda Stress and sociality in a patrilocal primate: Do female spider monkeys tend-and-befriend?
Rosol, Thomas John Bioavailability of paricalcitol to comparators on calcium metabolism and vitamin D receptor function in vivo and in vitro
Roy, Sashwati Vitamin E tocotrienal and brain health
Saif, Linda Jean (ARRA) Lactogenic immunity/probiotics: Effect on neonatal gut immunity
Enhancing rotavirus vaccine efficacy in infants from developing countries: Impact of vitamin A
Vitamin A adjuvant to enhance gut immunity and rotavirus vaccines in neonates
Satoskar, Abhay R. Chemoprevention and treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer by targeting MIF
Schoenberg, Daniel Robert​ Relationship of cytoplasmic capping to translation and cell stress (postdoctoral fellowship application for Dr. Yuichi Otsuka)
Schwartz, Steven Jay Dietary histone deactylase inhibitors in prostate cancer prevention
Enhancing human intestinal absorption of carotenoids and bioconversion of carotene to vitamin A in the presence of Hass avocados
Identification and quantification of lycopene degradation products in infant formulas and human milk
Phase II study of soy protein to treat vasomotor symptoms in post-menopausal women taking tamoxifen
Sen, Chandan K Efficacy of natural Vitamin E Tocotrienol on the treatment of scars
Vitamin E neuroprotection: Novel molecular mechanisms
Sheridan, John Francis Social stress, gc resistance and innate immunity
Titration of dietary nucleotide effects
Shumway, Brian S Effects of berry gel chemoprevention on loss of heterozygosity indices in oral dysplasia
Skarda Sr., Roman Thomas The effect of low (2 Hz), high (100 Hz), and 2 and 100 Hz alternating frequencies of electroacupuncture on cutaneous and rectal pain thresholds, and immunoreactivity of methionine-enkephalin and dynorphin in venous plasma and spinal fluid of horses
Smith, Elizabeth A Youth cooking/stress free night out
Sood, Namita A single-arm, open label study evaluating the impact on lifestyle of a new thermo stable formulation of FLOLAN in subjects with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)
Sribanditmongkol, Vorachai Stress effect on glucocorticoid sensitivity in ROTC students
Sun, Qinghua (ARRA) Obesity development: Role of air pollution and high fat diet
Airborne particulate matter, endoplasmic reticulum stress, and dysregulation of hepatic lipid metabolism
Tao, Lianhui Modulation by chemoprevention agents of DNA demethylase and hypomethylation
Wang, Li-Shu Mechanisms of tumor suppressor gene reactivation in colon cancer by berries
Weghorst, Christopher Mark Are anthocyanins necessary for oral cancer chemoprevention by berries?
Chemoprevention of oral cancer in Appalachia
Prevention of oral cancer by dietary and topical administration of lyophilized strawberries
Prevention of oral cancer by strawberries with selenium assimilated in the fruit
Wexler, Randell
Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and lifestyle changes: Reducing systolic blood pressure
Wohleb, Eric Steven The role of microglia in prolonged anxiety-like behavior following social stress
Wu, Haifeng M.
DiET Study STA - Liatest D-DI - Exclusion of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
Vodovotz, Yael Functionality of soy saponins in bread
Soy almond bread as complimentary therapy for prostate cancer
Yee, Lisa Diane Dietary fatty acids, macrophages and HER-2/neu-mediated mammary carcinogenesis
HER-2/neu and dietary fat: Gene-nutrient interactions in breast cancer
Yousef, Ahmed Elmeleigy Improving the safety and quality of ready-to-eat meat products using novel protective and probiotic bacterial cultures