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Treatment Team

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has assembled outstanding faculty, staff and researchers with a single goal of creating a world without diabetes. Learn more about our team:

Kwame Osei MD, Director

Samuel Cataland, MD

Kathleen Dungan, MD 

Jie Wang, PhD

Trudy Gaillard  RN, PhD, CDE


Adjunct Faculty:


Amer Rajab, MD, PhD

Mitchell Henry, MD


Bradley Needleman, MD

Scott Melvin, MD

Clinical Staff:

Karen Wieland, CNP, CDE, Nurse  Practitioner  
Sarah Taylor, CNP, Nurse Practitioner  
Cara Harris, CNP,CDE, Nurse Practitioner
Christine Hall, MS, CDE, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Tiffani Rose, RN, CDE 
Dawn Black

Clinical Research Staff:

Julie Bouttamy  RD, MS,CDE
Cecelia Casey Boyer,  RN, MS,CDE, CNS
Hollie Breedlove,  RD, MS, CDE
Jocelyn Irwin,  RD, MS, CDE
Patricia Greene,  RD, MS, CDE
Jan Varga-Spangler,  RN
Kit Arnold, RN, BSN

Clinical Activity Staff with
The Diabetes Education and Insulin Pump Program:

Janet Zappe RN, MS,CDE
Jill Magoto, RN, MS,CDE
Laura Jackson, RN,CDE
Roberta  Edgin, RN,MS,CDE

Melissa Mullet, MS, RD, LD