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Geoffrey N. Box, MD

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Urologic Surgeon

Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University


Clinical Background and Robotic Expertise

Practicing Since: 2008
Board Certified: Yes
Medical School: The Ohio State University
Residency: The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Robotics Training: University of California (Irvine)
Clinical Interests: Robotic surgery for prostate cancer, renal cancer, and ureteral reconstruction
Number of robotic procedures performed: More than 300

Before joining Ohio State, Dr. Box completed his Fellowship in Laparoscopy, Image-guided Therapy, Endourology and Robot-Assisted Surgery at the University of California, Irvine, where he was the first in the world to use the robot to remove an animal kidney through a natural orifice. Dr. Box received his medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and also completed his residency at Ohio State.

He has presented at national and international meetings, served as faculty at national instructional courses in Robotic and Advanced Laparoscopic surgery, and has published many articles on minimally-invasive surgery. These articles include peer-reviewed articles on robotic prostatectomy, robotic partial nephrectomy and robotic radical cystectomy. He received extensive robotic training by world-renowned expert robotic surgeons including Ralph Clayman, Tom Alhering and Vipul Patel.

Dr. Box’s clinical interests include all areas of minimally-invasive and robotic surgery with a focus on renal cancer, localized prostate cancer, and reconstructive procedures.

Scholarly Publications

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