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 High-Risk Pregnancy (Maternal Fetal Medicine)

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Maternal Fetal Medicine practice offers a variety of programs and clinics that provide an unparalleled level of personalized care to address the different complications that may arise during a pregnancy. We work together with your obstetrician/gynecologist to coordinate your care throughout your pregnancy.

Our Maternal Fetal Medicine Patients

Patients in Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center’s Maternal Fetal Medicine programs and clinics are women experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. Some of the factors that contribute to these complications include a multiples pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, genetic conditions, a history of premature births, advanced maternal age or any condition in the mother or baby that requires high-risk care or fetal treatment.

Why Choose The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center's Maternal Fetal Medicine Program?

As an academic medical center, we offer patients in our high-risk Maternal Fetal Medicine programs and clinics compassionate, personalized care backed by innovative research, a great depth of medical expertise and the newest technologies and treatments available. Being part of Ohio State gives us access to resources, equipment and support that make certain treatments possible only here.

Our Specialized Programs and Clinics

Personalized care for a patient with a complicated pregnancy is provided through the programs and specialty clinics staffed by Ohio State’s Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists. Our physicians provide care to women experiencing high-risk pregnancies, as well as to those with a routine pregnancy who wish to learn more about their baby’s development. The information gathered from these screenings and procedures can both ease concerns and contribute to a plan of action should an abnormality be found. Learn more.

Our programs and clinics include:

Adult Congenital Heart Disease in Pregnancy Program — This program serves pregnant women who have a congenital or acquired heart condition prior to pregnancy. Learn more.

Diabetes in Pregnancy Program — This program serves expectant mothers who have a pre-existing diabetic condition, as well as women who develop diabetes during pregnancy. Learn more.

Prematurity Program — Women in this program are at risk of delivering a premature baby due to a history of preterm birth (a single baby born before 37 weeks of pregnancy).Learn more.

Fetal Treatment Program — Women in this program are carrying a baby or babies who have been diagnosed with a birth defect or pregnancy complication. Our specialists use cutting edge diagnostic imaging techniques to understand the condition and may be able to intervene during pregnancy to treat fetal disease. Learn more.

Prenatal Ultrasound and Genetics — Women in this program are provided personalized care by a board certified physician who specializes in maternal fetal medicine and medical genetics as well as four board certified genetic counselors. Women and families who may be at an increased risk for having a child with a birth defect or genetic condition are evaluated and offered medical guidance and support. Using the newest ultrasound technologies, our team of eleven sonographers experienced in high risk ultrasound imaging work with the maternal fetal medicine physicians to evaluate each pregnancy. Our team has advanced training in, diagnostic imaging, fetal echocardiogram and medical genetics. Learn more.

Substance Abuse and Prevention Clinic — Expectant mothers with addictions to drugs or alcohol are treated by the Substance Abuse, Treatment, Education & Prevention Program (STEPP), which provides high-risk obstetrics care, treatment and counseling. Patients in this clinic have opiate addictions and participate in a treatment program as they work toward recovery. Learn more.

Our Maternal Fetal Medicine Programs and Clinics Experts

Our Maternal Fetal Medicine Programs and Clinics Locations

Ohio State’s Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza
2050 Kenny Road, 5th Floor Tower
Columbus, OH 43221

Ohio State’s Maternal Fetal Medicine
5965 E. Broad St., Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43213
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To schedule an appointment, call 614-293-2222 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.​​

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