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Advanced Technology Adds Precision to Eye Surgery

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Posted: 1/2/2007

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Refractive eye surgeons at Ohio State University Medical Center have recently begun using a newer method of Lasik that relies solely on a laser, bypassing completely the use of a blade.

During typical Lasik procedures, surgeons cut a thin flap in the cornea, fold it to the side and use a laser to re-shape the cornea underneath the flap.

“This advancement allows the laser to make a flap, allowing for greater control of the flap thickness, hinge location, as well as several other parameters,” says Dr. David Castellano, clinical assistant professor of ophthalmology in the Medical Center’s Havener Eye Institute.

All-laser Lasik uses a laser instead of a knife to trim off the top of the cornea.

“The type of flap that is produced with this laser is planar-shaped, which may reduce the possibility of induced astigmatism, and can lead to better, more predictable visual results,” Castellano said.

He said more candidates, especially those with thinner corneas, can qualify for this method of Lasik surgery. In addition, patients experience less post-operative discomfort, less haze and faster vision recovery compared to other alternatives.

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Sherri L. Kirk
Medical Center Communications

Eye Care; OSU Medical Center; University Hospital