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 Heart Health Guides and Downloads

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Arrhythmia Fact Sheet

An arrhythmia (also referred to as dysrhythmia) is an abnormal rhythm of the heart, which can cause the heart topump less effectively.

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Heart Attack Fact Sheet

A heart attack happens when one or more regions of the heart experience a severe or prolonged lack of oxygen caused by blocked blood flow in one or more arteries around the heart.

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Knowledge is Power – Cardiovascular Genetics Fact Sheet

Knowledge is one of your strongest weapons against heart disease. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular diseases) can run in families.

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Strong at Heart – What every woman needs to know to have a healthy heart guide

The cardiovascular risk management team at Ohio State’s Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital recognizes that no two hearts are alike and knows that risk assessment and risk management of your heart requires a personalized approach.

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Heart Disease Prevention Guide

There are nine key risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Knowing these risk factors can help you act on them in time to save your life.

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