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Bryan Whitson, MD, PhD

Cardiothoracic surgeon in Ohio State’s Division of Cardiac Surgery

Specializes in heart and lung transplant and mechanical assist devices

Came to Ohio State from the University of Minnesota

Dr. Bryan Whitson is a leading cardiothoracic surgeon whose experience in heart and lung transplant further establishes Ohio State as one of the best adult transplant centers in the country.

Like Dr. Whitson, the world’s best and brightest physicians and researchers are coming to Ohio State to create the future of medicine.

What attracted me to Ohio State? I was excited to join a team that has a unified vision and a drive toward national excellence. At Ohio State, I have an opportunity to participate in leading-edge transplant care and innovative organ perfusion research that truly improve people’s lives.

How am I advancing personalized health care at Ohio State? I collaborate with my colleagues in pulmonary and cardiac medicine to create personalized treatment plans for patients with advanced lung and heart diseases. Each plan is tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs, which may include specialized medical management, cardiothoracic surgery, thoracic transplantation or mechanical support.

But for Ohio State... central Ohioans would not have access to the latest lifesaving and life-improving cardiopulmonary therapies, or the experts who create them.

Over the next decade, Ohio State plans to attract 500 world-class faculty leaders who will propel discovery in the fields of health and wellness, energy and environment, and food production and security. Through this effort, Ohio State will truly lead the way in finding solutions to the technological, social and environmental stresses faced by our community and our world.